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Our 2022 Annual Appeal is centered around our new short film by Marc Havener, “The Beauty Within.” The film features five Van Go graduates who reveal the challenges they faced and the influence the organization had that altered their trajectory and launched them into adulthood.

As you watch the film, please consider lending your support to ensure there are many more of these stories.

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Dear Friends,

Van Go Mobile Arts debuted in 1997 with a borrowed van and a big vision. Twenty-five years later, Van Go, Inc. celebrates our silver anniversary as a nationally recognized, arts-based, ‘earn-while-you-learn’ employment program for young people ages 14–24. While our permanent home is on a beautiful corner in East Lawrence, Van Go’s public works of art adorn our community and beyond.

As an invaluable fixture in the social service landscape of Douglas County, the wraparound services our young people receive at Van Go are as individualized as the art they create.

We put art to work, meet our young people where they are, and spark what is possible through creative expression.

We hoped you enjoyed our new short film featuring stories from Gabby, Jude, Maya, Jafiya, and Jordan of how Van Go worked in their lives. We are incredibly proud of each of them and grateful for their help in sharing what happens in the place our youth affectionately call ‘home’… beyond the art we see and the jobs they do.

Over the past twenty-five years, there have been many of these stories. Your support will ensure that there will be many, many more.

Lights, camera, and please take ACTION!

In community,
Eliza Darmon & Kristen Malloy
Co-Executive Directors

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