Jobs in the Arts Make Sense


Jobs in the Arts Make Sense (JAMS) is Van Go’s year-round, nationally award winning youth employment program for at-risk 14-18 year olds. JAMS hires teens with one (or more) of the following risk factors: living in poverty, court involvement, a mental health diagnosis, placement in foster care, or having an IEP at school. JAMS teaches job and life skills, while addressing the need for youth to have meaningful, paid, employment opportunities. Using art as the tool, teens are hired for 8-week work sessions. While working with professional teaching artists, participants earn minimum wage to create art objects that are commissioned or sold in our gallery. Proceeds from art sales help support Van Go’s programming. In addition to teaching the all-important “soft” skills like task completion, punctuality, responsibility, and teamwork, JAMS includes extensive health programming through our Go Healthy initiative.

If you are interested in applying to be a JAMS apprentice-artist, JAMS applications are available from the following referral sources:

• Douglas County Youth Services
• The Shelter, Inc
• Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
• Independence, Inc
• Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority

In addition, applications can be picked up at the area high schools starting the first day of school. You can access these through your:

• School Counselor
• WRAP Worker
• School Social Worker

Did you know?

Three times as many qualified teens apply for JAMS as Van Go can hire.