Art is what you see. Jobs are what we do.

What We Do

Van Go, Inc. is an arts-based social service agency that provides year-round after-school and summer job-training programs to high-needs and under-served youth, ages 14-24. Using art as the vehicle, Van Go delivers constructive activities to youth at risk for drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancy, truancy or delinquency. Founded in 1997 as an innovative way to help fill existing gaps in social services, Van Go has been a lifeline for hundreds of kids and teens in crisis, providing them with valuable life and job skills as they create art for the community. 

Van Go has over 100 employment opportunities for qualifying Douglas County teens and young adults each year. Most qualifying youth have never had a job before, making our work essential, as it sets the foundation for what success in a job looks like. Van Go is devoted to the whole person, intertwining mental health services, academic support, healthy living and life skill lessons into the broader structure of the job-training program.

Van Go Programs

Job Skills Training

Soft Skills (Punctuality, Teamwork, Attendance, Communication, Decision-making), Evaluation, Earning a Paycheck, Interview and Job Application, Working with a Client

Mental Health Services

Health Screening, Crisis Intervention, Small Group Sessions, Referrals to DCCCA and Bert Nash

Go Healthy Living Lessons

Diet, Stress Management, Pregnancy and STD Prevention, Exercise, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Obesity Prevention, Healthy Snacks and Lunches

Life Skills Lessons

Money Management (Bank Accounts, Paychecks, Budgeting), Accessing Community Resources (Bus Passes, Eye Glasses, Drivers Licenses, Health Care)

Academic Support

Credit Recovery, 1-on-1 Tutoring, Dropout Prevention Strategies, College Applications and FAFSA, Job Corps, Test Preparation, Computer Training


Van Go youth must qualify based on ONE of the following factors, although many have more than one.

  • IEP